Ketua Jurusan

Nama : Daska Azis, S.Pd, MA
Email :
Bidang : Geografi
Status : PNS
NIP : 197701012006041003
Golongan : III/C
Jab. Fungsional : Lektor
Link :
Tentang Dosen :

Daska Azis was born in Sawang Ba’u, Sawang, South Aceh, January 1, 1977. Completed a Bachelor of Economics Education FKIP Unsyiah (2001). In 2005 completed his study in the Master Program, Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), with a concentration of Geography. In 2006 until now, was appointed as a lecturer at the Teaching and Education Faculty of Syiah Kuala University. He currently serves as secretary of the Department of Education, Faculty of Geography, Science and Technology. actively writes in several national journals